Distro of the day : Heavymental Zine Distro (Berlin)

What’s the name of your zine/ distro?
Heavymental Zine Distro

Where are you from?

What are you bringing to this year’s zinefest?
A bunch of personal zines and comix, mainly related to queer, feminist
topics. we will bring some new zines aswell: the Universal vs Specific,
Fix my Head #3: PUNX OF COLOUR, Wigged: ein zine rund um’s Thema
Haarausfall, it’s down to this, philly dudes collective

What are your influences?
Well, we think that feminist, queer critiques are portraying lots of
problems within our circles (subculture/academics/general society…) and
therefore need to be named. But they also show possibilities how to create
responsibility within communities.

Why zines?
Because in zines people can tell all kinds of stories – there is no one
who judges if your work is worth to be published or not. This might not
always be a good thing, but it definately means there are not as many
obstacles to overcome as in other forms of publishing. Zines are a
possibbility to get off of your individualized problems and make them
visible and speechable as a structural one. This is probably why personal
zines became so popular and there are a lot of excellent zines containing
politics and everydaylife aspects, which in our view make up one of the
greatest strenght of the medium. There is definately a different
interaction between reader and writer. It is like in general that good
literature can be educational but zines are appearing even less like an
authority or objectivity than books do. You read a zine and you think:
This is my life! Or you can read about really radical ideas and start
thinking about it without feeling directly confronted, due to it’s
subjective nature.

What are your expectations of the zinefest?
New Zines, amazing people and a relaxed atmosphere.

Website: www.heavymentaldistro.org

Discover and meet Heavymental Zine Distro at Zinefest Berlin 2012, 3-4 November @ SFE – Gneisenaustrasse 2a 10961 Berlin Kreuzberg.