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Oct 22


WORKSHOP LINE-UP! (go to the Workshops page for more information on each workshop)

Samstag 4 November/Saturday 4 November

13.00 – 15.00 – Demystifying Tarot (in English)

15.00 – 17.00 – Das Zine-machen und “geistige Gesundheit” (Deutsch & Englisch)/Mental Health & Zine Making (in German & English) **

17.00 – 19.00 – The Material As Witness: Zine Brujeria (in English)


Sonntag 5 November/Sunday 5 November

14.00 – 17.00 – Verletzlichkeit_en Annehmen(Deutsch & Englisch)/Radical Softness Discussion and Zine Making (in German & English) **

17.00 – 19.00 – Collagieren-Workshop (Deutsch & Englisch)/Collage Making Workshop (in German & English)


** Diese Workshops erfordern eine Registrierung. Für weitere Informationen und wie Sie sich anmelden, klicken Sie hier

** These workshops require registration. For more information and how to sign up, click here

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Oct 14

*Tablers 2017*

Dieses Jahr freuen wir uns sehr auf die folgenden Tische beim Zinefest Berlin 2017:
Komm vorbei für großartige Zines und Kunst am 4. und 5. November in der New York im Bethanien von 13-19 Uhr.
——————————————–                                                         —————————————-
This year we are really excited to have the following tablers at Zinefest Berlin 2017:
Come check out their amazing zines and art on 4 & 5 November at New Yorck im Bethanien, 13.00 – 19.00.
Miss Ann Tropia
Kitsch Revolutions
Growing Distro // You Are Valid
Crush Fiction // Wicked Hag
de Boekenbrouwerij (the Book Brewery)
Ramsch Berlin
Świnka’s Gang
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Oct 10


– – – – – – – – – – -english below- – – – – – – – – – –

Hallo Zinefest-Lovers!

Endlich wieder Zinefest!
Zinefest ist nicht möglich ohne die Hilfe von Freiwilligen. Das ist die Realität! Wir brauchen Freiwilligen!
-Menschen für den Aufbau
-Menschen für den Abbau und das Saubermachen
-Menschen für den Infostand (Programme austeilen, Fragen beantworten, …)
-Leute an der “Bar” (für den Verkauf von Kaltgetränken und Kaffee, nix Ausgefallenes)

Falls du Lust hast, schreib uns eine E-Mail:
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Hello zinefest lovers!
Zinefest would not be possible without the help of volunteers! That’s the reality! We need volunteers this year too!

-People for the build up
-People for build down and clean up
-People at the Bar ( for selling drinks..)
-People at the info stand (to answer questions!)

If you are interested, email us at

Oct 05

Registration 2017

Die Anmeldung für das Zinefest Berlin 2017 ist jetzt geschlossen!

Registration for Zinefest Berlin 2017 is now closed!


The list of tablers and workshops coming soon!

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Sep 09


((English below))

Zinefest Berlin freut sich sehr, das diesjährige ZINEFEST anzukündigen!

Das Zinefest wird am Samstag, den 4. & Sonntag, den 5. November, jeweils von 13h bis 19h im New Yorck im Bethanien (nahe der U-Bahn Kottbusser Tor) stattfinden.

Hier einige Infos zur Veranstaltung:


Willst du einen Tisch anmelden???

Wir werden die Anmeldung innerhalb der nächsten 2 Wochen öffnen! Warte auf weitere Infos und sag es gerne deinen Freund_innen weiter!


Wir suchen auch nach Leuten, die Lust haben, dieses Jahr einen Workshop zu geben! Wenn du dich dafür interessierst, kontaktiere uns bitte über .Wir suchen Workshops, die etwas mit Kunst, Basteln, Schreiben oder irgendetwas mit Do-it-Yourself zu tun haben und die offen sind für alle Fähigkeiten. 


Das Zinefest könnte nicht ohne all unsere wunderbaren freiwilligen Helfer_innen stattfinden. Wenn du Lust hast, uns während des Wochenendes zu unterstützen, wären wir sehr sehr dankbar! Wir brauchen immer Hilfe für den Auf- und Abbau, für den Infotisch, den Getränkeverkauf etc.

Komm und verbring das Wochenende mit einem Haufen liebenswerter Zinester! Melde dich bei uns:

Wir können’s kaum erwarten, euch alle im November in der New Yorck zu sehen!

ZFB crew


Zinefest Berlin is excited to announce this year’s ZINE FEST! 

The event will be on Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th November from 13.00 – 19.00 on each day at New Yorck im Bethanien (near Kottbusser Tor UBahn station)

Here’s some info about the event:

Want to register for a table??? 

We will be opening registration within the next 2 weeks! Stay tuned and pass it on to your zinester friends!


We are also looking for people who are interested in running workshops this year! If you think you might like to run a workshop, please contact us at workshops@zinefestberlin.comWe are looking for workshops that incorporate arts, crafts, writing, anything DIY and open to all abilities.

Zine Fest wouldn’t happen without all our amazing volunteers. If you would like to help us over the weekend, we would be so so grateful! We always need help with setting up and breaking down the tables, the info desk, refreshments, etc. Come hang out with a bunch of lovely zinesters for the weekend! Email us at

Can’t wait to see you all in November at New Yorck!

ZFB crew

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Mar 14

Zine Fest Berlin 2017!

Thank you to all of our amazing tablers, workshop presenters, panelists, and volunteers that participated in Zine Fest Berlin 2016!

What’s up for this year, we’ll find out soon…

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Dec 16

Thank you for a great 5th Zinefest Berlin!


img_5633webWe can’t believe that it’s over! (And yes, it took us more than a month to recover ;)) Thanks to everyone who made it possible: the over 60 tables-holders, all the involved workshop-holders, the volunteers that helped running the space, the bar, the info-table, our big craft area and cleaning up after the hundreds of visitors left on Sunday night. THANK YOU!

FEEDBACK  |  We yearn for feedback: What did you like? What do you wish to be different the next time? Do you maybe want to get involved and help planning the next Zinefest Berlin? Contact us at

We had an open zine reading with some music on Sturday. Thanks to all the participants. How did you like it?img_5598web

Thanks to ReKult from Amsterdam for this welcoming and inspiring Zine Forest, it was great!


ZINE CURTAIN | We tried a different way to have an open table this year so people without their own table can sell their zines as well. How did you like it?img_5643web

Some of you left their zines and envelopes at the zinefest. We took them with us. If you wish to get them and do remember the number on your envelope contact us at We will keep all of them till the end of January ’16 and then share them with the world and put them on a free-zines-table at a cool zine event soon. The leftover money will go to the zinefest budget for the next event.

All pictures were taken from Echo, who wrote a nice blog post where you can get some more impressions from Zinefest Berlin 2015!


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Oct 30

Table Holders 2015

Thanks for sending in your table applications. Here is the list of table holders at this years zinefest.

Aren Oakland & Kristina
artemisia vulgaris
Cheaptoys / Bus Stop Press
Collectif GNA
Crease and Resist distro
Da Thirst
DIrty like the weeds
Downpour fanzine
Ediciones Valientes
endless laser
Gounis Comics
Growing Zine Distro
H20 ++ Co
Heavy Mental
I’ve seen that BABE before
imponderabilia zine
Jess es Espinoza
Kiss my Book
Lilli Loge
LOVE ZINE / Void Mail
Magic CircleSquares/Tiny Splendor Press
maycec / vesselroom project
microsleep distro
Echo zines
Nothing’s quite the same
Pants Candy
Post-Mundo, Anidar en el Cero, CACA
Prolog – Heft für Zeichnung und Text
Queer Comix!
radical jetset
Raumschiff Distro & Press
Riotmade with Love
Small Town Comics
Stiefmütterchen Magazin
Tempest Library
Texorcist / Ö – Other Earth Press
The Comix Reader
Torben Röse
Wasteland Magazine
Zlena van Lunarem (& the Luminarium Aeternus Project) Art-Zines

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Oct 30

Rekult’s Zine Forest

We have invited the folks from ReKult to create a zine forest at this years zinefest!

“Stichting Rekult is a collective of young cultural managers and active citizens. We are an open platform dedicated to developing artistic and cultural projects. One of our focuses is the subculture of zine-making, also known as independent or Do-It-Yourself publishing.
About 100 collected zines are exhibited in the Zine Forest exhibition.
Every year ReKult receives zines from all over the globe.
With the zine forest we travel around Europe trying to showcase as many zines as possible giving visibility to ephemeral stories and adventures.
If you want your zine to be part of the next zine forest, please hand it over to the organizers!

Come and lose yourself among a thick forest of selected zines and stories from all over the world. Get inspired by this journey through narratives and DIY techniques and if you wanna know more check us out here:

Have an amaZINE day!”

Zine Jam:Forest 2013 zine forest 14 zine forest

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Sep 18

ZF 2015



We are very much looking forward to the Zinefest Berlin 2015

taking place Nov 7&8 2015

@SFE Gneisenaustraße 2A, 10961

General contact: ,

If you want to have a table please look at TABLES / STÄNDE for more info. Registration is open till October 15.

If you want to contribute a workshop write to 

Want to be a Volunteer? We will need help with a range of things before, during and after the fest. 

Please write to


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