Music is the antidote //

We believe that a Zinefest in Berlin without some music from the city of techno and punk would not be a full experience. That’s why we try to carefully curate the beats that you get to listen in every edition.

As usual, Ay Cecilia will be in charge of the ground floor’s music, with several sets that will serve as soundtrack to Ana’s quest through Berlin while she is discovering and trying to find a cure to Blahblahblahitis. Check out the set from last edition here:

On a more dancing note, from around 8pm, Dj Ivana will be playing some records in a special spot of the venue. Originally from one of the most prolific cities in Argentina in matter of techno music, Ivana just released a record and we are happy to listen to it with her at Gelegenheiten. If you want to check it out, go to this link:

Come and dance with us tomorrow at zinemarkt Say (no) More from 6pm at Weserstr. 50, Neukölln.