Fabio Zerpa was right // Tables are ready!

We finally have our list of zinesters! Stop by Space Meduza next Friday January 10th from 7 PM to check the work of these artists:

Adrian Rock Sugar – www.instagram.com/adrianrocksugar
Alexandra Ruppert – www.alexandraruppert.com
asta D – www.instagram.com/asta_d_dokumenta
Atenix Babes – www.instagram.com/atenixbabes
Ivan McGill – www.instagram.com/ivanmcgill
Joo Bilder – www.instagram.com/joo_bilder
Karla Paloma – www.instagram.com/_karlapaloma_
Lilli Loge – www.instagram.com/lilliloge
Maja Bjork – www.instagram.com/majabjork4ever
Marlene Krause – www.instagram.com/marikraushaar
Moiebuzie – www.instagram.com/moiebuzie
Roe Retterova – www.instagram.com/roe_retterova
Sketches of a life – https://www.instagram.com/sktchsofalif
Squizzy.p – www.instagram.com/squizzy.p
Zigendemonic – www.instagram.com/zigendemonic

Come for the zines, stay for the vibes 👽 💚