Zine of the day : SHALTMIRA (Vilnius)

What’s the name of your zine/ distro?
I work under my SHALTMIRA label and I’ve already published two zines : “Excessive Voyeurism” and “Red, sore and itchy”. Also I’m having lifelong affair with illustrations, comics and body-art.

Where are you from?
Lithuania (Vilnius).

What are you bringing to this year’s zinefest?
I’m bringing wicked art zine “Excessive Voyeurism”(http://shaltmira.weebly.com/zines.html) and my comics zine “Red, Sore
and Itchy” (http://redsoreanditchy.blogspot.com/). Also stickers and T-shirts with my artworks.

What are your influences?
I’m into propagation of  weird, grimy and nonconformist art and interested in graphic violence, human body, nudity, (auto)eroticism, taboo, obsession, aggression, degeneration, horror, grotesque, erotic XVII – XX centuries engravings, mental disorders and rare diseases, dark sides of human nature, along with absurdness we all experience in everyday life and misunderstandings of human relationships.

Why zines?
I find it meaningful to work with kind-of-similar-thinking artists for one goal and create the final piece, which can wander around the world with our message(s). It’s also a good way to build stronger
communication between artists. And I still believe in traditional format and techniques being actual in our times.

What are your expectations of the zinefest?
Hope to meet interesting people and find new collaborators for next my zines’ issues. Also to sell/trade my zines with other artists.

Discover and meet SHALTMIRA at Zinefest Berlin 2012, 3-4 November @ SFE – Gneisenaustrasse 2a 10961 Berlin Kreuzberg.