Welcome to Zine Fest Berlin 2016, if you’d like to table your zines, comics and self-published work first we need you to fill out this form. Please be aware, we try to be as inclusive as possible and especially encouraging people from marginalized groups to join the Zinefest. When having too many applications, we will also look for representation of a wide range of topics and projects.

Register by filling in the form below. We’ll get back to you with more information soon. It would be really cool if all table holders could give between 10-30€ per day, which we’ll collect at the fest. If you can’t afford this, that’s ok to but please let us know in advance it helps us with budgeting for the exspenses of the producing the fest. All of the money from tabling fees goes directly back into making the fest possible helping pay for the space, table rentals and etc.

Name of your zine/ distro (will be used in the program)
Name deines Zines/Distros (wird im Programm verwendet)

Your e-mail adress so we can get back to you.
Deine E-mail Adresse damit wir dir antworten können.

Where are you located

Please give us a short description of your zine/ distro (this will
also be used in the programme zine).
Bitte beschreibe dein Zine/Distro kurz (wird auch im Programm-Zine verwendet).

What topics/ themes are your zines about? Please be specific (i.e.
mental health, comics, music, personal zines, sci-fi etc...)
Um was für Themen geht es in deinen Zines? Bitte sei genau bei der Beschreibung (z.B. psychische Gesundheit, Comics, Musik, persönliche Zines, ...)

This year we ask that table space is reserved only for zines (with the
exception of decoration, cookies or similar stuff). You can use the wall
behind you for posters/ art/ other crafts if you'd like. Do you
specifically need wall space?
Dieses Jahr wollen wir den Platz auf den Tischen nur für Zines freihalten (mit der Ausnahme von Dekoration, Keksen oder ähnlichem). Du kannst aber auch die Wand hinter dem Tisch benutzten um Poster/Kunst/etc. aufzuhängen. Brauchst du eine Wandfäche?

How much space do you need for a table? Please be considerate in your size, as we'd like to have enough space
for everyone!
Wieviel Platz brauchst du für deinen Tisch? Bitte beachte dass wir nur begrenzten Raum haben und wir gerne Platz für alle hätten.

 HALF (60x60cm) AVERAGE (60x120cm) BIG (80x160cm)

What days will you be there?
An welchen Tagen willst du da sein?
 both/beide Saturday/Samstag Sunday/Sonntag

Extra comments?
Hast du noch weitere Kommentare?

Thanks!! Danke!!


If you don’t want or need to sit at a table for your one or two zines, fear not! You can leave them at the OPEN TABLE.
The Open Table is for the zinesters who want to bring their zines to share and sell at zinefest, but don’t need or want a full table. You don’t need to register anything- just bring your zines, leave then with us for the day, tell us how much you’re selling them for, and how many copies you have. At the end of the day, you come and collect any money or zines remaining. Voila! If you have time during the fest that you can donate to help out this would be a great return gesture but also not necessary if not possible for you.

Der “Open Table” ist für Zinesters, die ihre Zines zum Verteilen und Verkaufen zum Zinefest bringen wollen, aber keinen Tisch betreuen wollen oder können. Du musst dich nicht dafür registrieren, bring einfach deine Zines mit und lass sie beim “Open table”, sag uns für wieviel du sie verkaufen willst und wieviele Kopien du hast. Am Ende des Tages kannst du dir dann den Rest der Zines und das Geld abholen. Voila!

Die Anmeldung wird am Anfang Oktober 2016 geschlossen werden.