2011 (english)

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The  ZINEFEST BERLIN 2011 took place at 26-27 November in the ‘Werkstatt der Kulturen’, in Berlin-Neukölln.

Schedule for SAturday & Sunday:

  • 40+ stalls of distros, artists, writers and self-publishers, showcasing their zines, books, comics, screen-prints and artwork
  • The Traveling Zine Library: chill and browse through hundreds of zines from a personal collection
  • The Make-Your-Own-Damn-Zine table workspace: loads of supplies to get you started on making your own zine
  • Many workshops
  • Yummy food provided by F.Rankenstein and Biss ביס-the Brunch -Israeli Sunday’s, drinks and a bar
  • Live-screenprinting


  • Al Burian – zines, books, comics
  • Andy Leuenberger – Berlin – comics
  • Anef & Antoine – Berlin/ Lille, France- screenprint zines and posters. Also, for the special zinefest event, we offer you the possibility to custom your favorite dress, shirt, pillow, or wathever, by printing some of our drawings on it, so bring the shirt you want to see printed !! Don´t worry it´s painfree, handmade, and we´ll just ask you for little support (spende).
  • Anja Vogel – Berlin – Illustration, Karten, Comics, Grafiken
  • Anna – poetry/ art
  • Anna Vo – London, England – anarchist/ DIY/ queer/ race-related/ survivor/ animal liberation/ feminist/ hardcore punk zines, illustration-based comics
  • Archiv der Jungendkulturen e. V. – Berlin – Das Berliner Archiv der Jugendkulturen e. V. existiert seit 1998 und sammelt Material aus und über Jugend- und Subkulturen. Dazu zählen Zeitschriften und Fanzines, Musik, Flyer, wissenschaftliche Arbeiten, Fachliteratur, Filme und vieles mehr.
  • Bend Over Magazine/ Hugs & Kisses – Berlin/ Hamburg – Bend Over Magazine kommt aus Berlin, ist englisch und befasst sich mit Feminismus, Sexualität und queerer Kunst. Hugs and Kisses Magazin kommt aus Hamburg, ist deutsch und befasst sich mit Gender und anderen wechselnden Themen.
  • Brote Transgenico – Galicia, Spain – fanzines, artist books, silk/ hand printed posters
  • Bus Stop Press – French Rivera – we distro and publish zines as well as tapes. We also started printing a monthly DIY event calendar for Nice’ area.
  • Collectif HSH – France – zines, books, small editions
  • Czentrifuga – Berlin – posters and printed books from a screenprint collective
  • Decadence – UK/ Copenhagen, Denmark – We publish the anthologies as well as mini comics and collections of our individual stories.
  • Ente – Animal Liberation Soli Cakes! and zines
  • Entes Anomicos – Peru – zines, mit eine kleine distro mit zines aus verschienden Ländern
  • GirlGangZine – pop-culture and feminism zines
  • Glamour Junkies – Berlin – cookies! and zines
  • Heavy Mental Distro – Berlin – zine distro
  • Inemuri – Berlin –
  • Kotti-Shop/ Copyrobote / Milena Berlin – Berlin – Der Kotti-Shop ist unsere Projektraum (am Kottbusser Tor) und Copyroboter ist der kleine Druckwerkstatt (Ricoh/Risographen) die wir im Raum haben. Wir sind keine Distributors, nur Produzentinnen.
  • Lipstick Terrorist Publications – Berlin – a very femmed-up table with vaginacakes and a zine on sexism in the queer community
  • Mini Kiosko Instant Zines – Zürich, Switzerland –
  • Musentube – Berlin –  An illustrator collective/co-working space. also comic publisher “jaja verlag”
  • Nulltausandnull / Fox Italic – Berlin – comics and illustration
  • Paula Bulling – Berlin/ Halle, Germany – Screenprints/ riso
  • Raumschiff Distro – Berlin/ USA – zine distro
  • Renate Comics – Berlin – Renate ist vieles: Deutschlands einzige Comicbibliothek, Treffpunkt und Anlaufstelle für Comicinteressierte, Künstlergruppe und Name des jährlich erscheinenden Magazins.
  • Ruby Tuesdays Girls Rock Camp – Berlin – Das ruby tuesday ist ein rock camp für mädchen, was zur zeit in deutschland noch einmalig ist, aus der riot grrrl bewegung stammt und sehr viel zu diy mit den jugendlichen arbeitet.
  • Schlammrock-Fanzine / Gossendelphin-Heft / Renfield
  • Sissi <3 <3 //zweizwei – Berlin – artist/berlin.. drawings, paintings, illustrations, zines
  • Sofakartoffel – ego zines
  • Stefanie Sargnagel– Vienna, Austria – Extreme deprimierende zines
  • TBOOKS COLOGNE – Cologne, Germany – TBOOKS is a small publishing project for artzines. Based in Cologne it is completely made out of love and paper (and some staples, of course).
  • Trust fanzine – Germany – Das Trust Fanzine wird diesen Sommer 25 Jahre alt, damit ist das TRUST das zweitälteste Print-Fanzine für HC, Punk, Underground weltweit (das weiterhin in einer „Labor of Love“-Haltung publiziert wird).

Schedule for  SAturday:


  • LAYOUT & DESIGN (Anna & Sissi) 12:00 – 14:00, Room 3
    We want to give you basic knowledge & tools for your own DIY zine skills. You don´t need previous knowledge – but would be great to hear about any! We cover: visual organisation, possibilities in standard size paper, information hierarchy, fonts, layout by hand, digital layout & layout programmes (this includes an onscreen demonstration)…
    We´re looking forward to meeting you!! Layout zines – yeah!
  • WRITING WORKSHOP / SCHREIBWORKSHOP (Nelo) 12:00-14:00, Room 1
    In this workshop we will write. Next to all the hustle and bustle at the zinefest, this will be the time for creative creation. There will be no long input about creative writing nor theoretical discussions. Neither you wanna check it out first time or write regularly and enjoy exchenge and company of other writers. This workshop is open for all friends….
    Nelo is a writer herself for several years and loves to create space for others to give being creative a shot. This is her first writing workshop.
  • YOGA (Pinelopi) 12:00-14:00, Stageroom
    Hatha yoga is a soft balancing yoga.  It mainly consists of getting into a position and holding it by breathing in it.  The participants choose how hard they want to make it for themselves by choosing how many breaths they are able to do on that particular day.
    The workshop will consist of 70 minutes of asanas (yoga positions) and a 20 minute relaxation and visualization in which I will introduce aspects of yoga Nidra (conscious deep sleep).  The classes are directed to anyone over 16 years old and people of all levels, from beginners to advanced.
    My name is Pinelopi and I am a certified Hatha yoga teacher who moved to Berlin one year ago. I was a long term permanent member of the autonomous collective ESCANDA in Asturias, Spain. I worked in popular education, theatre classes, self- defence workshops for young women in high schools, and workshops on the prevention of gender violence.
  • SEWING/ NÄHEN  (Sonja) 12:00-16:00, Room 2
    During the 1,5 h I want to sew with you a book-cover or a small bag for your zines. It doesn´t matter if you are able to use a sewing-machine or not, just come around and try. We have the fabric and machines.
    I would be happy if you give a small donaton (depends what you are able to give), because I collect soli-money for people without paper.
  • COMIC WORKSHOP 15:00-17:00, Room 3,  (in german)
    comiczeichnen unter laborbedingungen. wir, der cws treten zum ersten mal mit unserem, in langhaariger erfahrung entwickelten erfolgsrezept an die öffentlichkeit. Durch elaborierte Ausführungen zu storytelling, charakter-entwicklung und seitenlayout, sollt ihr unter strenger Anleitung dazu gebracht werden, einen eigenen comic zu zeichnen. Wer bis zum Ende durchhält,dem sind ruhm, ehre, groupies und stalkende rockstars garantiert. wer versagt, kriegt hausverbot. man spricht deutsh (“comics” auf deutsch: “ulkige bildgeschichten”)
  • BOOKBINDING/ BUCHBINDEN (Sandra) 17:00 -19:00, Room 2, (in german)
    Here you can make a blank notebook or day calander, with sewn pages and a hardcover. Folding- sewing-gluing and 2-3 hours later you have a finished book in your hands!
    I’ve been making zines since 1999 (Das Schnabeltier, Sofakartoffel und verschiedene Mini-Zines), and making books since 10 years, when I first learned the technique from a friend.


  • THE DIY ZINEFEST ZINE! 14:00-18:00*, Room 1
    Come make a page for our compilation zinefest zine! Here you’ll find all kinds of supplies to write, draw, collage, type, cut & paste a page (or two or three) for our DIY zinefest zine. Around 6pm we will stop taking contributions and begin to organize the layout, design a cover, order the pages… The finished zine will be photocopied and available to take home on Sunday afternoon!
  • (FAN-) ZINE HISTORY (Christian) 15:00-17:00, Stage room (in german)
    Zines können auf eine fast 100-jährige Geschichte zurückblicken. Der Workshop wird sich auf die Spurensuche dieser Geschichte begeben und den Bogen von den USA bis nach Europa, von der Science Fiction-Szene bis zu den Riot Grrrls und von den 1920er Jahren bis heute spannen. Vor dem Hintergrund dieser Geschichtsschreibung soll am Ende diskutiert werden, welche Bedeutung Zines in der Gegenwart und Zukunft (noch) haben können.
    Christian Schmidt hat 1992 sein erstes Zine in Händen gehalten und ist seitdem verliebt in diese kleinen, selbstveröffentlichten Hefte. Er veröffentlichte zahlreiche Fanzines, war Betreiber des Zine-Distros “Flatline-Imperium”, gab das “ZineZine” heraus und kümmerte sich im Berliner Archiv der Jugendkulturen um den dortigen Fanzine-Bestand.
  • DISKUSSION: DIY UND KAPITALISMUS (Caro) 18:00-20:00, Room 3, (in german)
    The DIY industry – mit dem ansatz des “do it yourself” werden auch
    politische hoffnungen verknüft. der nachvollziehbare wunsch nach
    selbstermächtigung scheint jedoch häufig einer merkwürdigen
    diy-esoterik anheim zu fallen, die das “selbstgemachte” idealisiert,
    während draußen der kapitalismus tobt. eine weitere eskalationsstufe wird erreicht, wenn diffuse antikapitalistische ansätze (a.k.a. “selbstausbeutung”) von anderen gefordert werden. “ein zine ist ein selbstveröffentliches, unkommerziellesheftchen mit kleiner auflage” schreibt das zinefest berlin in seiner einladung. wie sehr angesprochen können wir uns davon eigentlich fühlen?
  • SHUT UP AND SPEAK! Spoken word & poetry evening
    doors 19:30, begins 20:00, Stage room
    Open mic after the show. All genders welcome. Stage only for women and trans*.

schedule for SUNDAY:


  • CRAFT & STENCIL (Anne,  Sissi, Tito) 12:00-14:00, Room 1, language prefered in German, but English is also possible
    Scissors, stone, paper, aaaaand? The zinefest is there to craft! That’s why we want to show you in this workshop what you can DIY with glue, paint, pencil, scissor & paper. We present to you different materials & tools, show how to DIY stencils, print your own t-shirts, use buttonmachines, craft collages, put paint on paper ect.
    you say what you wanna do – we try to show it to you & give you some tricky tricks & tipps! Bring some cloths for prints – or whatever you like!! we´re lookin forward to meet you!!
  • QUEER EXPRESSIONS  (Sarah & Mich) 13:00-15:00
    We will start off by exploring the similarities between queer performance and zine culture. Inspired by the exercises of the performance troupe La Pocha Nostra, we will start by mapping out an understanding of some terms like ‘community’, ‘queer’ and ‘body’.  Together we will create a safe, supportive group environment where people can feel comfortable to experiment with some simple but interesting performance exercises on their own terms. The main body of the workshop will be focussed on practically exploring the possibilities of performance as a mode of expression and resistance for marginalised groups, with a specific focus on queer communities. This workshop is for queer people of all orientations, taking ‘queer’ to mean whatever it means to you. No performance experience necessary, just a willingness to try new things (comfy clothes recommended.)
    Sarah has completed her masters in Performance Studies & has facilitated workshops with high school students & juvenile offenders in Cape Town (where she’s from) for 3 years. Only recently she’s come to the shocking realisation that she wants to create performances herself, under her alter ego The Trash Lady Medusa. She is studying at Utrecht University, writing a Phd about queer zines.
    Mich is a drama queen and has been flaunting her stuff at Sydney queer events as “Stranger Danger” for 5 or so years. In her performance career she’s been a human-sized vagina, an alien attempting to immigrate to Australia, a child zombie and a mulletted body-builder (to name but a few incarnations). Mich also ran peer education workshops with young same-sex attracted women for over 3 years and is a qualified drama teacher. She is also an avid zine reader and collector, and is currently producing her first zine.
  • PERSONAL ZINE WRITING (Anna Vo) 13:00 – 15:00, Room 3
    Zine-writing from alternative voices. How to make a personal or collaborative zine, from start to finish. Discussing how to compile survivor zines, punk zines, conference readers, and writing about identity politics or about disability/ trauma. We will discuss how to develop ideas, develop themes, get organised time-wise, and how to design, bind and distribute your zine.
    Anna Vo has written fiction zines, illustrative comics, compiled vegan/straightedge punk zine Fix My Head, wrote bits for Race Revolt and Mellow Yellow, and lately has finished her survivor zines that also talk about racism in her life. She’s a part-time musicky architect, counsellor, mediator, community accountability person, and free schooler. Come hang out
  • HOW TO ORGANIZE THE NEXT ZINE FEST (Halley) 16:00 – 17:30, Room 2
    Let us know what you think! Tell us what you liked and what could be improved. Help us organize the next zine fest Berlin, or tips for how to set one up in your hometown.
    In this workshop we will discuss the ABC’s of organizing a zine event, networking for next year, tips and organizing skills, and ideas for improvement for next year.
    Halley is one of the main organizers of the Zine Fest Berlin. Halley is also the author of Infecticitis zine, and runs Raumschiff Distro.


    12:30 meet at Zinefest info point
    Come on a Walking tour of the Archiv Der Jungendkulture, Berlin’s largest collection of fanzines.
    Das Berliner Archiv der Jugendkulturen e. V. existiert seit 1998 und sammelt Material aus und über Jugend- und Subkulturen. Dazu zählen Zeitschriften und Fanzines, Musik, Flyer, wissenschaftliche Arbeiten, Fachliteratur, Filme und vieles mehr. Zur Sammlung des Archivs gehören dabei unter anderem ca. 6 000 Punkfanzines aus aller Welt sowie einige tausend weitere Fanzines aus diversen Bereichen (SF, Kunst, Comics, Skinheads, etc.) und ca. 20 000 Musikzeitschriften aus verschiedensten Genres (Metal, Techno, Hip Hop, Gothic etc.). Die Führung soll einen Einblick in die Sammlung des Archivs bieten und über die weiteren Aktivitäten des Vereins (u.a. Workshops, Seminare, Ausstellungen) informieren. www.jugendkulturen.de
  • ZINE READING 16:00 – 18:00, Room 3
    Read aloud or perform your favorite passages from your own zine! A sign-up sheet will be posted outside room 3 on Sunday, to sign up for a time slot. You can also come to listen to people sharing their stories.

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