(zines and self-publishing)

Archiv der Jungendkulturen (Fidicinstr. 3, Kreuzberg) over 30.000 zines and newspapers! A great place to do research. Mo-Fr 10- 6pm
Disnomia Zine Library (Scharnweberstr 38, F-hain) a distro with tons of zines to buy, and a library selection. Open Thursday 6-9 pm. disnomia@
Kombinat Literatur – an online resource and calendar for self publishers in Berlin. “A platform that intends to support the independent publishing scene in Berlin by interconnecting the different elements involved in it (i.e. publishers, book shops, venues, printing houses, independent media), namely by improving the conditions to print, the structure to promote and distribute the books, by creating a network…” You can promote yourself/ projects and your zine-y events
Kommandatur @ Køpi (Köpenickerstr. 137, Mitte) Open and free D.I.Y. screenprinting workshop. Print your own design on shirts, patches, sticker, posters, comics or whatever. Open every Wednesday from 18-21 Uhr, otherwise printing-appointments with arrangement: kommandatur(at)
Kotti-Shop (Adalbertstr. 4, Kreuzberg) a multi-faced kunst-und-so-weiter space with a focus on collaborative activity. A space for workshops, performances, exhibitions and now a print workshop (with a Rico copy printer, like mechanical screen-printing)
Modern Graphics (Oranienstraße 22, Kreuzberg) comics and some zines, Mo-Fr 11- 8pm, Sa 10- 7:30 pm
Other Nature (Mehringdamm 79, Kreuzberg) a queer-femenist vegan sex-shop, with lots of zines and books
PapierTiger (Curvystr. 25, Kreuzberg) Archive and library of social movements / archiv & bibliothek der sozialen bewegungen Mo + Th, 2:30-6pm
Renate Comics (Tucholskystraße 32, Mitte) Comics! Zines! Library!
Corner of Weisestr. and Kienitzerstr. (Neukölln) The shop has mirrors on the door. Lots of screenprints and art zines, with records, tapes, comics and posters


POC Zine Project – making zines by people of color easy to find, distribute, and share. Activism and community through materiality.
Grrrl Zine Network – grrrl, lady, queer, and trans-folk zines
Fall of Autumn – creative resources for independent publishing and distribution. lots of links and information, with a great article called: Be A Zinester: How and Why to Publish your own Periodical
From Zines To Ezines: Electronic Publishing and the Literary Underground  – dissertation by zine publisher Fred Wright (PDF)
Queer Zine Archive Project – a massive digital collection of queer zines, with PDFs you can print out!
Stolen Sharpie Revolution – a DIY zine resource for zines and zine culture
We Make Zines – an online zine community
Zine Book – a total zine resource! like whoa. since 1996, they’ve got a lot of info, such as: history, legal issues, distribution, a list of libraries, articles… – here you will find hundreds of radical zines ready to print. You can also upload your zines to the site
Zine Scene – at LiveJournal
Zine Wiki – an open-source encyclopedia of zine culture and independent publishing


La fanzinotheque – a really big zine library in France
fanzines – a facebook page with daily updates on zine festivals around the world
Queer Zine Fest London
Fun Fun Fest – Israel
Leeds Zine Fair – England
Ilustation – Spain
and check out the events page compiled by alex wrekk, for a HUGE list of zine events all over the map