Oct 24

Zine Fest Berlin Tablers 2016

It’s finally here – all the amazing people tabling at Zine Fest Berlin 2016!  See you all this weekend!


Raumschiff Distro & Press

Personal, political, and journalistic zines and books by Comet Crowbar. Distro selection on indigenous history, colonialism, addiction, feminism, gender, politics and more.


Adrian Rotzscher/Tiny Splendor

Tiny Splendor is a collective publishing press running out of Berkeley and Los Angeles, California. It was founded on the idea of finding a way to share our friends’ artwork, while satisfying our obsession with and love of ink on paper. As of today we pride ourselves on continuing this perfect marriage as we work with artists and friends to create editioned prints, books, apparel, and zines.


Dirty Flower Press

Dirty Flower Press is a small press run by Amy Alexander and Esther Samuels-Davis. Based in Berlin, DFP focuses on publishing printed and hand bound books of hand drawn illustrations. Melancholic and cynical by nature, DFP aims to create and represent artists that are not fearful of cheerfully exploring the underbellies of emotion. We like smiling at the dark.


Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM)

An organization of white people under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party, aka the Black working class of the world. It’s our job to go into white communities and seek white reparations for the enslavement and genocide of African people. Free literature and €1 copies of The Burning Spear, the oldest newspaper for Black Liberation since 40+ years.



Riotmade with love is an open diy project and small queer/feminist distro. it’s full of love for the unexpected, dancing, travelling, collectivity, the hidden beauties of every-day, activism and sparkling freaks. riotmade with love wants to share zines, workshops and other little somethings with you. besides my personal zine momo i distribute zines which were created in collective processes like workshops focused on personal queer/feminist zinewrititing. the topics of the zines range from self-love, relationships to traveling and queer her_histories and much more.


Riotmade With Love ist ein offenes diy-projekt und ein kleines queer/feministisches distro. es ist voller liebe für das unerwartete, tanzen, reisen, kollektivität, die versteckten schönheit in alltäglichkeit_en, aktivismus und glitzernde freaks. riotmade with love möchte zines, workshops und andere kleinigkeiten mit dir teilen. neben meinen persönlichem zine momo vertreibe ich auch zines, die in kollektiven prozessen wie workshops mit einem fokus auf queer/feministisches personal zineschreiben entstanden sind. die themen der zines reichen von selbst-liebe über beziehungen zu reisen und queerer geschichte und mehr.


Sol Undurraga

I work with images almost without text, to adults and childrens,I laugh and enjoy when I am do it and when I read.


OOMK collective

One of My Kind (OOMK) is a highly visual, handcrafted publication printed biannually. Each issue centers around a different creative theme, with more general content exploring topics of faith, activism and identity.



The Transit zine series compiles text, photography, illustration and comics to reflect on the relationship between place and individual, based on personal experience of travel and urban development.


Small Town Comics

3 artists with different zines,  Emma von Skov with Small Town Comics: a horror/science fiction/witchcraft comic zine, Fra Katzenfisch: an illustration zine, and Rainbunny: illustration/art zines



Brav_a ist ein queer-feministisches Zine im Stil eines Teeni-Magazins. Es geht um Themen wie Liebe, Sex, Flirten, Feminismus, die queere Szene etc… je nach Beitrag ironisch, witzig oder ernst. Die Texte sind meist auf Deutsch aber einige sind auch auf Englisch, je nachdem was wir für Texte/Comics/etc. zugeschickt bekommen. Jede_r kann mitmachen!


Selbstverwaltete Siebdruckwerkstatt Kommandatur

Graphic design and screenprinting collective in its early stages.


Until the End Distro

“Under the Banner of King Death” befasst sich mit anarchistischen Einstellungen unter Piraten.


OMG Lesbians!

OMG Lesbians! is a series of short, light hearted comic strip collections about the lives of queer women including myths, stereotypes as well as internalized oppression.



Autobiographical and fictional comics in English, French and German.


Dirty Flower Press

Dirty Flower Press is a small press run by Amy Alexander and Esther Samuels-Davis. Based in Berlin, DFP focuses on publishing printed and hand bound books of hand drawn illustrations. Melancholic and cynical by nature, DFP aims to create and represent artists that are not fearful of cheerfully exploring the underbellies of emotion. We like smiling at the dark.


Black Pig Comics

Self-published comic zines and books in English und Deutsch, with Anarchist adventure stories, feminist action thrillers, Soviet truck racing and of course piggies!


Yori Gagarim

Yori Gagarim brings along some zines and tiny books of their own as well as the queer comic compilation “Ethical Sloth”. Most of them are about queer, trans and gender-related stuff but also about some broader leftist politix and funny things. They also bring some postcards, pins and paste-ons as well as superpowers, surprises and other screenprinted matters. Most of it is d.i.y. and definitely made with love.


Mango Lassies

friends from Jersey, Channel Islands, the mango lassies make zines about a range of subjects. They live between Jersey, Brighton and London so the content is as varied as the locations. mental health, art, cut and paste, DIY ethics is at the base of the group so come see what they got. some have been at zinefests before, some are new but their content is honest and true.


Stiefmütterchen Magazin

Das Stiefmütterchen-Magazin ist ein Zine über Märchen und Natur. Bisher gibt es Ausgaben zu den Themen: Wurzeln, Hecken und Pilze. Das Magazin ist ein generationenübergreifendes Projekt von der Illustratorin Lara und ihrer Mutter und Märchenerzählerin Ulrike.


Soul Food

Ein Rezept Zine, dass Hauptsächlich aus Bildern und kaum aus Worten besteht.

Somit für möglichst viele verständlich ist. Fokus auf Regionale Produkte, Vegan

Wegen der Saison, Herbst-Winter Rezepte


Queer Trash

Local queer trash with zines about queer and trans resistance, mental health, soberness and some obligatory glitter


Prophit Art Zine & GlueHeads Zine

Prophit Art Zine is an analogue collage zine which features artist from all over the world. Every issue has a different theme and is presented with a matching exhibition in a Gallery. Initiated by Lula Valletta


GlueHeads is a wandering contemporary collage project. One Day, One Exhibition, One Zine. Every exhibition is curated from different artists working with different collage techniques. In order to make every exhibition/zine unique and to keep the concept fresh, every session is always held in a different gallery with a new set of artists.



1st time release of colab comic ”Metanoia”. An instrospective short comic about the paths whithin us. Also individual works like illustration, mixed media graphics, prints and comics will be displayed.


Hello Yellow, I will stay here where you left me, Barbershop

”Hello yellow’ and ‘I will stay here where you left me’ is about Berlin. I have living in Berlin sine 2015. Berlin is different with other cities that I lived. So, I would like to share that I got the feeling.



Unserioese Skizzenhefte aus recycelten Materialien, Bilderbeucher fuer Erwachsene, Gedichte zum verschicken


Two Photon

It’s hard for us (Christine and Tera) to imagine a life without science – we studied in neuroscience and environmental science in school. Art holds a special place in our hearts too. When we aren’t in the lab or in the field, we draw. Our zines are a culmination of both these passions – scientific topics conveyed visually, with our own stylistic touches. Whether you already love science, or want to love it, but aren’t sure where to start, these zines are tailored to inform, as well as inspire.


Nervo #2

An anthology of comix and illustration by several different artists. The theme of the current issue is Hideouts!



Burrasca is a cultural association based in Genova, which focus on thinking and realizing different activities:from independent architectural publications to exhibitions and other editorial and graphic projects.This association, created as a sort of think tank, aims to be a platform of discussion by which we want to propose reflections, information and activities about Architecture under a large range of meanings.


Lizz Lunney/Wilm Lindenblatt

Lizz Lunney is an illustrator, comic artist and joke writer from the UK. Wilm Lindenblatt works as a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer. Together they have made various zines and anthologies.



Art, collage, comic and photography zines.


Kunstkraut / der 50-jährige Punk

“Kunstkraut: Krach und Frieden”: Reportage-Comic eines Konzerts der Berliner Band “Kunstkraut”.”Der 50-jährige Punk: Berlin – den Bach runter”: Autobiographischer Gag-Comix in Streifenform. Beide Titel in einem Buch mit Wendecover und beiliegender CD der Band “Kunstkraut”!


Marc Robert / Ö – Other Earth Press

Other Earth Press publishes hand-drawn and photocopied mini-comics including TEXORCIST, about a down-and-out exorcist from Texas and a young German girl who can channel evil animal spirits and the misadventures that they have together in Berlin.


Mélitruc & Eva Popo – Sans titre ni culotte

Feminists Zines, about invisibile disability, self-care, sex-positivsm and other political themes. With texts in german, englisch and french ; with drawings and linocuts.// Feministische Zines zu Themen wie unsichtbare Behinderung, Sex-Positivismus, Selbstsorge und andere politische Themen. Texte auf Französisch, Englisch und Deutsch; Zeichnungen und Linolschnitte.



Printed graphic ensemble – Illustration and Layout – that treats the thematics of pleasure, mind-constructs and violence through the eye of our society but also in a rather intimate level.


Archiv der Jugendkulturen

Das Archiv der Jugendkulturen sammelt Materialien aus Jugend-, Pop- und Subkulturen. Es beherbergt u. a. eine Sammlung von mittlerweile über 20.000 Fanzines und semi-professionellen Magazinen und ist damit die größte öffentlich zugängliche Fanzine-Bibliothek in Deutschland. Einen Großteil der Sammlung stellen internationale Punk-Fanzines dar. Kommt vorbei zum stöbern! Übrigens: Das Archiv der Jugendkulturen freut sich immer über Zinemacher*innen, die einen wertschätzenden Ort für ihre Zinesammlung suchen.


Lady Liberty Press

The revolution will be in paper. when I was a kid, peace & propaganda, gentle gestures, rants & vents, paper air planes, memories of a nomad, wannabe-revolutions, erotic excursions…


Radical Jetset

Radical Jetset [ˈrædɪkəlˈdʒɛtsɛt], a cosmopolitan art gang. They have worked in a variety of media in the past, but now focus on comic books.

Radical Jetset is based in Berlin.


Imponderabilia Zine



IM NO FLOWER is a selection of collages and sketches exploring the notion of beauty by studying the classical femininity,nostalgia, the power of nature and the ongoing interplay between them.


Crease and Resist Distro

Crease and resist zines encourage self care, motivational zines for modern day ailements and alternative health methods. Eng & Spanish language…


Angry Chick Lit | KULA KULA

angry chick lit zines fuse the personal, the poetic, and the political

KULA KULA is an experimental economy of contribution. the zine collects recipes and ideas for a sustainable DIY life.


ROD Distro Warsaw

Zines related to the squatted garden project located in Warsaw, Poland.


Syogyou Mujoh

Monthly free paper & Zine – Creativity with out words.


Jessica Espinoza / Espinografias Ediciones

ESPINOGRAFIAS editions is a project of experimental homemade publications (fabric – paper – screen printing – sewing) directed by Jessica Espinoza (and many collaborators and friends very important to keep the spirit) since 1999 in Santiago de Chile and Barcelona. Publications are limited editions, what if you want one you confirm previously and we send you or coordinate hand in hand in festivals of fanzines, we neither have nor we want mediators.


Razor Cunts, Tom Moore, MOM and more

We’re a group of different people who make different zines, but you can find all of them (sooner or later) in the shop at www.transnational-queer-undergound.net. Jane is part of the band Razor Cunts and will bring her Razor Cunts zine, Tom has different zines, the latest ones are about monsters and wasps. We also will bring the very last copies of Make Out Magazine #1-3.



Mixed Media Soup is der ‘zine-club-a-soup’ von Ilona Verhoeven, Schriftstellerin und Künstlerin. Sie lebt und arbeitet in Berlin und Amsterdam. Ilona schreibt Kurzgeschichten und macht Collagen die sie oft veröffentlicht in zines. Auch macht sie ‘cross-over’ Projekte/Austellungen, manchmal in Zusammenarbeit. Ende 2016 erscheint in den Niederlanden ihr neues Buch: ‘Fiets onder de waterspiegel’ mit Erzählungen und Fotos.


Projecte Uter / toxina matamalas

Projecte Uter is a huge collaborative drawing that started as a research on stories about abortion in Spain and serves as a cry of freedom to decide over our bodies.



CE SOIR is a graphic journal held since 2003 by writer Anna Dubosc based in Paris and artist and musician Stephanne Argillet (aka Stereovoid, member of bands Peine Perdue and La Chatte) based in Berlin. The content consist in 24 pages of collages made  through exchanges of personnal documents, drawings, sometimes some text and elements of actuality.



An italian graphic designer and illustrator. Living In Bremen now, and producing my own world through colleges, illustration, motion graphics, and games.


Athena Initiative

Athena is a grassroots women’s support network and DIY sisterhood for creative minds in Berlin.


Notorische Ruhestoerung

Notorische Ruhestoerung distro has a selection of zines to offer which range from queer and trans topics, sexuality and BDSM related content to abortion rights, feminist childcare and sex work issues to prose, poetry and arts by people of one or several ones of the minority groups mentioned above.

If we do make any profit it is being used to support refugees.


Corgi Corn Core

Corgi Corn Core is a young web-comic in english language

from Berlin, chock full of absurd hillarity and lovingly illustrated.

Our zine collects some of our favourite strips from the first year.


SurvivorZine Vol. 1

SurvivorZine is about “surviving” different experiences, moments, crisis and changes in life. The purpose is to survive all of this with CREATIVity and good sense of humor manifested through writings and images.


Das Risiko wagen

Das Zine ist eine Übersetzung des englischsprachigen Textes ‘taking risks: implementing grassroots community accountability strategies’, geschrieben von der Gruppe CARA (Communities Against Rape and Abuse) aus den USA, erschienen u.a. in dem Buch “Color of Violence: The INCITE! Anthology” (2006).


I’m a shadow and a cloud

After a long dry period in my life with artistic failures and personal challenges starting to draw and starting my blog was a step to get back into action. To have a creative output again and a way of dealing with difficult feelings. My Zine “I’m a shadow and a cloud” contains a selection of drawings from this blog. It’s my first publication on paper and mybe not the last. The cover is hand printed the rest is hand photo-copied. Each Zine is unique.


Undocument Womens Struggles in Europe

Fanzines with stories of many undocumented women who live or lived “illegal” in Sweden and Europe. The text is in English, Spanish and Swedish and the cartoons are based on true stories of immigrant women from countries outside the European Union. These untold stories came from the underground, and they were compressed into five categories, which resulted in the fanzine “The stories of five undocumented women”, and “five stories about prostituyentes” that tells the stories of persons that define themselves as prostitutes. In their stories, they describe the clients, those that they call “los prostituyentes” in an anarco-feminist perspective.



Das Papiercafe aus Kassel ist ein Kollektiv, das studentische Publikationen aus den Bereichen Comic, redaktionelles Gestalten, bildende Kunst und Fotografie verkauft.


Erik Norden Comics und Illustrationen

Ich kreiere Comics, Kunstbücher, Postkarten und T-shirts. Intuitiv thematisiere ich dabei Verständis, Ratlosigkeit, Verletzlichkeit, Missverständisse und Erstaunliches – und Kunst als auch Geschichte.


The Paper Channel

published on the shores of the middle east dealing with politics, art and plants printed in arabic/hebrew (comes with english and/or german translations)       


Hustle for the Muscle

Hustle for the Muscle is a small ad hoc collective that formed around the concept  of the hustle as an artist and an artistic practice that involves being outspoken about social issues like immigration, displacement and feminism



zweisprachiges deutsch-französisches Comic-Fanzine



Große und kleine Zines auf deutsch und englisch über Viele-Sein (DIS/MPS), psychische Krankheit, Aktivismus und Wildpflanzen.



I draw, print, collect, live, draw, cut, print, leave, draw, film, come back, listen, and draw, expose, print, copy and copy and copy copy copy, draw by draw story by story and voilà there is a flipbook, an animation, sometimes a movie, sometimes lines and lines and lines.


Matched Apples

Als designerin und illustratorin gestalte ich geschichten

aus alten und neuen materialien.


Wild Pig Berlin

We are a small DIY distro form 2 Colombian immigrants living in Berlin. We sew clutches and diy crafts mostly with upcycled fabrics. Some of our products have been made by foreign members of the Guerrillas in Colombia who want to be reintegrated to the civil life with out violence. We have stickers, bags, clutches, patches and pins.



VERLAK is an independent publishing house based in Athens and Berlin, with a focus on Zines and Artist Books in limited Editions. They borrowed their mission statement from Voltaire: “Twenty-volume folios will never make a revolution. It’s the little pocket pamphlets that are to be feared.”

Tablers – Document to be posted on website and in brochure later


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