Zine of the day: Stürmische Zeiten

What’s your name, where are you from and what’s the title of your zine?samlepage_liliAfeigenblatt
LiliA Feigenblatt, Berlin based, „Stürmische Zeiten“

What is it about?
My zines are about a reflection on different forms of relationships (monogamy, open-relationships, polyamory) and also about a critic on the pressure (or feeling the need) to practice open, poly relationships which comes when you are being part of the (radical) left scene. It’s about break-ups, getting older, a critic on sex-positiveness, questions about the possibility on being left and living monogamy, literaturetips and so on

What does your zine mean to you?
With my zines I can express myself in an easy way – I can combine my thoughts, political claims, my arts – all in one project. It is something I am doing just by myself and for myself, without feeling the need to discuss everything first with my political group 😀 I just love the medium zines, the combination of personal relfections and emotions with political topics. On the other hand the topic of my zines „relationships“ is really important for me. Most of us handle this stuff alone or we only exchange ourself with good friends and our lover(s). As the years passed by I recognized that people within the left scene made similiar experiences towards feeling the pressure to have an open relationship. But I also saw really different, good experiences. I thought it is a good Idea to collect these experiences together with my own thoughts and experiences…..to broaden the (private) and dominant discourse about it!

How long have you been making zines?
I guess since 3 or 4 years now….

What other zine projects are you working on at the moment?
At the moment I try to finish my new zine „Stürmische Zeiten 2#“. Ready in time for the Zinefest Berlin!

Are there any projects/ ideas/ networking that you need help with, and would like people to contact you about it?
I would love to see that more zineenthusiasts become involved in organizing the ZFB!

Anything else you’d like to share with the fellow zinesters at ZFB:
I would like to exchange zines, and have a chat about our zines! Just come by and visit me at my table!
Xoxo LiliA Feigenblatt

How to contact you: