Zine of the day: Heimat Zine

What’s your name, where are you from and what’s the title of your zine/ distro?heimatzine_zinefest
We’re Anselm, Lina and Sophie, three Berlin residents, and our zine is called Heimat Zine.

What is it about?
Each of our bi-annual publications deals with a different topic. In thefirst issue we approached the concept of the german word “Heimat” as it’s the title of our zine. Applied meanings here vary from “home” to “origin” and have been used in different contexts in history, so we asked around to find out more about contemporary associations. The second issue, just finished and ready to be read, is about Heimat related dishes and food you make and eat at home in general.

What does your zine/ distro mean to you?
Sure a lot! All of us study full time, some of us even work part time and looking into the process of editing a zine has become the most important side project ever. We put all of our energy in it to be able to publish it twice a year and every working hour is paying off. The feedback has been amazing, we are super thankful and also much encouraged to keep on working on the project. For us, it is the best way for generating creative output because it brings together the assets of three individuals. Plus, our contributors are the best!

How long have you been making zines?
For almost a year now.

What other zine projects are you working on at the moment?
Since we’re all quite slammed with things to do the Heimat Zine is the only zine project we’re currently working on. For a maybe not so distant future, when we will actually have the time to realize all of our ideas we have a lot of more fun projects in mind.

Are there any projects/ ideas/ networking that you need help with, and would like people to contact you about it?
Our project is a two-way-communication with people who we ask for their perceptions and views of particular themes, so every kind of networking is great for us. If you feel like you may want to contribute something written, drawn, illustrated or taken a picture of, simply have a look on our website. For the next zine there’s definitely going to be another call, and we’d be more than happy if many people take the time to answer it!

How to contact you:
Heimat Zine Blog: heimatzine.blogspot.de
Heimat Zine Mail: hallo[at]heimatzine.de
Heimat Zine Onlineausgabe: http://bit.ly/16lEvgr