Distro of the day: Featherbottom Press

What’s your name, where are you from and what’s the title of your zine/ distro?vegancupcakefairy
My name is Caro and I’m from London (England) but now live in Berlin.
The zine distro is Featherbottom Press, named after the most beautiful hamster that ever walked this earth: Doris Featherbottom. I decided to name the distro after her while she was still alive and well – she was a
huge inspiration to me – and when she passed away this summer I was stoked that her name would live on.

What is it about?
Featherbottom Press has a distinct focus on intersectionalism and liberation… FOR ALL. One person – an anarcha-feminist and gender-free straight-edge vegan – and their scatterbrained approach to activism brought this project together.

What does your zine/ distro mean to you?
From I was first able to pick up a pencil, scissors, and glue, I’ve always been involved in creative and DIY projects. I love making zines; they are the perfect outlet for all of the abstract and obscure, as well
as some of the ordered, thoughts I have! Each one is personal too and an intimate expression of who I am. I also think zines are a great way to circulate information, all the while being creative and keeping busy! *

How long have you been making zines?
I wish I had been making zines my whole life! But perhaps then they wouldn’t mean as much to me… I’ve been into zines for many years but only recently started to make my own. Out of frustration with a lack of
literature on a particular topic I made my own zine to distribute information to fellow activists. I enjoyed the process so much that it continued from there!

What other zine projects are you working on at the moment?
I am working on a couple of compilation zines with friends who are based worldwide. It’s exciting working with others because the contributions are so varied! I’ll be stoked when these zines are complete and I can share them with the rest of the world! Ha. *

Are there any projects/ ideas/ networking that you need help with, and would like people to contact you about it?
I am always open to new projects so would like to offer MY energy, resources, and time to others instead! I’m new to Berlin and would love to get involved in anything of an intersectional and radical nature. It would be the perfect way to meet super rad new people! 🙂

Anything else you’d like to share with the fellow zinesters at ZFB:
Ich bin Englisch und obwohl ich seit vier Jahren in der Schule Deutsch gelernt, ich habe fast alles vergessen. Ich moechte Deutsch so umlernen, also wenn Sie mit mir zu sprechen kann in Deutsch! Vielen Dank!*

How to contact you: