Zine of the day : Tinet / Kommie Komiks (Berlin)

Where are you from?
I was born in a small industrial town in southern Sweden, grew up in various places in Sweden, Germany and Finland, and now I live in Berlin.

What are you bringing to this year’s zinefest?
Several comics zines in English and German, among them …

  • “Eva” (D), “Briefträgerblues” (D) and “Asbestos Hearts” (EN), feminist action thrillers and rape-revenge stories about a woman who works as a prostitute and kicks ass.
  • “White Nights” (EN), a slightly gore-y story about a wizard’s apprentice/slave in the dull Finnish countryside in the 1970’s.
  • “Hourly Comics Day 2012” (EN) – as the title hints, a comic in which I chronicled one day of my life as it unfolded. I drew myself as a piggy.

What are your influences?
“Akira” and Tove Jansson. Hong Kong cinema.

Why zines?
I like the workers to control the modes of production.

What are your expectations of the zinefest?
That people will hate me because they think I draw MENGÄ.

Website: www.kommiekomiks.com

Discover and meet Tinet / Kommie Komiks at Zinefest Berlin 2012, 3-4 November @ SFE – Gneisenaustrasse 2a 10961 Berlin Kreuzberg.