Zine of the day : Perfect teeth (Berlin)

What’s the name of your zine
Foxitalic / Nulltausendnull/ Renate (me / comic artist collective / comic zine)

Where are you from?

What are you bringing to this year’s zinefest?
“Perfect teeth”, a collection of illustrated notes about LSD and other dental treatments. My second new zine, “i died drawing” is a … errrm collection of illustrated notes about my desire for new problems and how mice creep me out.

What are your influences?
Al Burian (partially I write this because it’s true. but primarily my aim is to embarrass him)

Why zines?
Why self publish? Because i’m too impatient to wait til someone else does it for me.
Why on paper? Because i enjoy the look and feel of it and i want to make love to it. (paper pr0n is in the works, btw.)
Why in pages? Because i value the art of composition.

What are your expectations of the Zinefest?
Amazing art and beautiful people. Too little time/too much work to meet them all. I also expect a week long post-zinefest depression afterwards. Had that last year.


Discover Perfect teeth and meet Foxitalic at Zinefest Berlin 2012, 3-4 November @ SFE – Gneisenaustrasse 2a 10961 Berlin Kreuzberg.