Zine of the day : Infecticitis (Berlin)

What’s the name of your zine/ distro?
I’m Halley, I write “Infecticitis” zine, and I run Raumschiff Distro.

Where are you from?
I’m from Boston, MA, though living in Berlin for over 3 years.

What are you bringing to this year’s zinefest?
my whole life’s being… of course I’m bringing the zine distro and all my other zine projects, and hopefully the #12 issue of Infecticitis. Also “Sound Record #1” hot of the press from the States. An avocado tree, 3 typewritters for the DIY room, and maybe a sock monkey with no arms. I’m bringing a lot of excited giddy zine-nerd energy.

What are your influences?
Typewritters, tempelhofer feld, black and white photos, cut and paste, knives. The idea of Do-It-Yourself, that I can create my own world and build it myself from scratch, in my own vision. I’m inspired by our zinefest meetings because we get together and organize, then immediately take action and we go and do it. It makes me want to do more. I’m also totally influenced and inspired by lateral-thinking solutions for how to fix things.

Why zines?
When I started making zines 10 years ago I said, “I’m going to make zines until I die,” and if I ever stopped then I would know I sold out completely. Why ZINES! You have a chance to present something to an audience, it’s a way to organize your thoughts, it’s a time capsule of the moment, it’s your own personal therapist, you can share a part of yourself. You can share a part of yourself and then realize how not-alone you are, because people write back to you or tell you “wow, I feel the same way.” Or people open up conversations with me they never would have. Also I love how zines reject the big empire of capitalism and are so individual and lovely and personal, made by a human with a heart. Small-scale connections can have a huge impact.

What are your expectations of the zinefest?
lots of chaos and trying to fit in last-minute table applications that I forgot about… but really, I’m hoping for connections. We have an inbox filled with emails and projects and people from all over, doing really cool shit, that I’ve only been looking at on a spreadsheet. So the weekend of the zinefest will be all these things in HUMAN FORM and talking to each other and trading zines, trading information, trading news of where they’re from, ect. I hope people join forces and start projects! I want to be invited to a new zine fest being organized. I also want to pick up a shit-ton of zines. and I want to swim in a swimming pool of zines-  yeah, maybe next year!

Website: www.raumschiffdistro.wordpress.com

Discover Infecticitis and meet Halley at Zinefest Berlin 2012, 3-4 November @ SFE – Gneisenaustrasse 2a 10961 Berlin Kreuzberg.